What Are HOA Management Services and What Do They Do in Boca Raton, FL?

What Are HOA Management Services and What Do They Do in Boca Raton, FL?

As of 2021, there were 358,000 Homeowner Associations in America. This makes sense because these organizations are highly useful. They help keep the community together, protect property values, and much more.

However, some HOAs are more effective than others. It can be hard for board members to handle all the work of running an HOA. This is why they may hire HOA management services to handle at least part of the work.

You may be wondering what an HOA management company does. If so, read on. This article will explain what this service does.

What Are HOA Management Services?

Those living in HOA properties must live by the rules set by their local HOA. The problem is that it's often hard for HOA board members to enforce these rules. They are often only volunteers that also deal with full-time jobs.

This is where an HOA management company can step in. The workers at such a company are paid to work full-time. This will allow them to pay their full attention to all or some of their HOA's tasks.

On top of this, these workers have extensive experience in running HOAs. So they'll likely be far more effective at running an HOA than any of the board members.

What Do HOA Management Services Do?

What a community association management company does varies from HOA to HOA. What they end up doing depends on what an HOA wants them to handle. Oftentimes, HOA board members hand off tasks none of them can handle as well to HOA management companies.

Tasks that an HOA management company can handle include the following:

  • Answering HOA faqs and other resident communications
  • Arranging for vendor services like mowing, snow removal, etc.
  • Managing HOA financial matters such as budgeting
  • Providing board members with guidance on different matters
  • Resolving conflicts between members
  • Enforcing board rules and regulations
  • Collecting fees, issuing notices, and tracking down payments

Are HOA Managers Board Members?

It's important to remember that HOA managers are not board members. While they handle a lot of the tasks board members can handle, there are plenty of tasks that only official board members should handle. Things that board directors should handle include the following:

  • Hiring vendors
  • Approving budgets and expenses
  • Initiating financial audits
  • Setting all fees and payment schedules
  • Approving maintenance requests
  • Creating rules, policies, and regulations

So, overall, the board members should be the leaders. They must make larger decisions. HOA managers should act as aids and advisors.

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HOA management services can handle all the tasks HOA board members can do. This way, they can make things easier for board members. However, board members should still handle many of the final decisions.

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